Syracuse women's tennis headed to NCAA Tourney...


deano: Football countdown 30 days to go! Aug 1, 2019 13:32:46 GMT -5
JazzNC: Ready for some Hoops and Pasta!!! Aug 9, 2019 19:13:07 GMT -5
deano: Hope the boys have a good showing overseas. Gotta hope others teams down have some big guys inside or going to be a long day. Aug 9, 2019 20:59:38 GMT -5
deano: So glad to see over 150 guests on here so come on and join. We would love to hear you post, comments, and suggestions to make this board greater than it is. Go Cuse! Aug 9, 2019 21:15:01 GMT -5
jekelish: Shoutout to Deano for growing this board while I've been entirely absent... ha. Thanks Deano! Well done. Aug 11, 2019 20:45:23 GMT -5
downhere67: I am the first guy to loose his mind watching our team sometimes. However, what JB has built over his gig her is undebateble. I get that we do not get the top 20 guys very often but with the roumes around Kal and proven about Kansas and then that fucker Nov 2, 2019 18:48:39 GMT -5
deano: Agree downhere67, the game to me has passed JB at times and he's not willing to adjust, especially on offense. A lot of coach's are using his age and the zone against us when it comes to recruiting too. IT sucks we can not a quality big man. Nov 5, 2019 11:15:06 GMT -5
deano: Welcome aboard jgazak! Nov 5, 2019 11:15:42 GMT -5
walsh: i think we're going to see a lot better offense this season. we haven't had this many scoring and ball-handling options in a few seasons. i think we will shock people this year. 22 games is def viable. Nov 5, 2019 12:01:44 GMT -5
deano: walsh, you care to rephrase your shoutout :). This team stinks and it starts with the coach. Please retire JB. Nov 6, 2019 22:36:18 GMT -5
walsh: lmao Nov 15, 2019 9:47:31 GMT -5
larrycusefan: Walsh don't listen to Deano ;) boyz going to rock it this year now that Joey G is running the showz! Nov 16, 2019 9:46:11 GMT -5
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